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A Letter of Gratitude

As I grew stronger, I looked to see how I could support the organization that put me and thousands of others on the road to healing. I became a donor, joined the board of directors, and started down a new path. 
I have been the board chair for the last 5 years. While it has been heartbreaking seeing so many other survivors come to our nonprofit for help, it has also been very meaningful to help this organization grow and begin its transition from a grassroots effort to an organization with professional staff, helping more and more survivors.
2021 was not an easy year – for any of us, and for many who lost a loved one to suicide, it served to compound their grief and isolation. The Alliance of Hope saw a 300% increase in requests for counseling, and every day, hundreds of you logged on to our forum – to connect, share your stories, and seek lifesaving and life-affirming support.  
The pandemic called on us to respond in new ways to new challenges. As more people have sought support from the Alliance of Hope, we have felt the urgent need to strengthen our infrastructure and expand our services, for all who need support now, and for all who are to yet come. 
I want to thank all who work so hard to make the Alliance of Hope what it has become. It takes special people to be able to be there in our times of greatest need, and these are some of the most wonderful, giving people I have ever known. I am proud of all they have accomplished this last year – they are tireless, selfless, and completely devoted to helping those of us who have experienced the devastation of suicide loss. 

I also want to say a special thank you to our Forum Moderators who all understand firsthand the challenges faced by survivors. We often say they put the “Hope” in the Alliance of Hope. Each volunteers hundreds of hours in support of new loss survivors. And to our Board of Directors, your ongoing governance and dedication to our mission is vital to our existence.

And to all the Forum Members, who courageously share your experience and reach out so generously in support of one another, and to all who donate or raise funds to help make the work of the Alliance of Hope possible.
Sadly, we cannot bring our loved ones back, but we can join together to help one another heal. I hope you find this community and organization to be as loving and supportive as I did, and I wish you all prayers for your ongoing healing.
Melanie Kenderdine
Russell's Sister and Alliance of Hope Board Chair

I am so grateful for our spectacular team. You can click on their photos to learn more about them.

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