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Survivor Stories

Angela lost her 18 year-old son Lucas to suicide in 2021. She was heartbroken and in a very dark place when she found the Alliance of Hope a couple of weeks later. Being met by a compassionate, non-judgmental community of survivors in the Alliance of Hope forum gave her hope and support, and let her feel less alone.

Greg and Celeste lost their 32 year-old son Maitland to suicide in 2020. He says the 1-on-1 grief support consultations they received and the pilot program Greg participated in for grieving fathers has been key to their healing journey.

Theresa lost her sister to suicide in 2021, during the pandemic. She needed immediate help, which was hard to come by. She found compassion, and others who understood and related to what she was going through at the Alliance of Hope, and our community forum often got her through the day when she needed it most.

Andrea lost her mother to suicide 20 years ago. At that time there was little support available for suicide loss survivors. This year, as part of her healing journey, she raised funds to ensure other loss survivors have access to healing support.

When Heidi's husband died by suicide a decade ago, she felt her life implode and explode at the same time. She needed help and information. She was overwhelmed by the outpouring of care and understanding at the Alliance of Hope that she had not found anywhere else.

Susan found the Alliance of Hope forum a few weeks after her son Ian died in 2012. She posted her story and immediately found people who understood her experience and shared tips with her. She says the forum was a lifeline to her when she needed it most. 

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